Best Android Booster App 2018 – Falcon Mobi Cleaner

If you have been experiencing low memory notifications while trying to download an app even though you have enough space or your phone has been draining faster than usual or is freezing more than ever, installing an android booster is what that will do the trick. Your android phone needs maintenance from time to time as it tends to start wearing out after some point. Cleaning apps kill hidden processes running in the background to save you a lot of free space. It functions as a speed booster that tunes your device to improve its gaming performance, speed, temperature and browsing experience. Falcon Mobile Cleaner’s powerful android speed booster features makes it easier to optimize and manage your device. You can delete junk files, boost RAM, accelerate processing speed, reduce charging and stop unresponsive task with a single touch.

Features of Best Android Booster App

  •         The boost app comes with one-touch speed diagnosis to accelerate your device.
  •         It cleans up system cache, temp files, app cache, APK files and empty folders to increase memory and speed.
  •         It manages all installed apps for a clean and organized storage space.
  •         It kills unresponsive background task to support smooth game play and boost its FPS.
  •         It boosts battery life by reducing power consumption.
  •         It prevents your phone from frequent freezing.
  •         It reduces unnecessary cluttering to boost processing speed.
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How does the android booster app work?

Boost your phone performance with the app that leaves no junk behind.

  •         Go to Google Play Store and launch the application.
  •         Search for the latest version of Falcon Mobi Cleaner and download it.
  •         Install the application to your device.
  •         Tap on the Falcon Mobi Cleaner icon on your smartphone.
  •         As the application launches, tap ‘Phone Boost’ to start optimization.
  •         The application will scan for junk files and unwanted processes.
  •         As the app deletes them, your phone is boosted successfully.
Falcon Mobile Cleaner is an excellent tool to release memory and speed up your phone. Download the smartest phone optimizer to up your device performance in seconds!

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