Best Battery Saver App 2018 for Android Phones

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is an efficiently developed battery doctor app for your Android device. It offers the best power settings to save your battery from running out prematurely. The battery saver app lets you handpick high power consuming parameters like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Vibration, Brightness, GPS etc. and turn them off at your convenience. It comes with a unique inbuilt power to detect heavy applications that run on the background and closes them to reduce CPU usage. Install Falcon Mobi Cleaner for a professional and smoother user experience.

Key features of Battery Saver App

  •         The battery app offers secure charging and displays remaining usage time in hour.
  •         The app displays battery temperature. It monitors the cause of overheating and keep your phone under controlled temperature.
  •         It shows battery capacity and keeps a track of your storage space along with all hardware features.
  •         This battery saver android application lets you customize and adjust all high power consuming system apps like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Vibration, Brightness and GPS for better phone performance.
  •         Depending on the power status, it lets you toggle between ‘default’ and ‘battery saver mode’.
  •         You can create your own customized profile and enable/ disable different power settings at your convenience.
  •         It analyzes all apps that runs on the background and closes them while in the battery saver mode.
  •         The battery saver app fixes all power consumption issues by systematically monitoring related problems.
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How to use the Battery Saver App?

Easy power saving tool with one-tap update of your battery status.

  1.       Go to Google Play Store and download Falcon Mobi Cleaner.
  2.       Trace the Falcon Mobi Cleaner on your smartphone and open the application.
  3.       Tap ‘Battery Saver’ on the app.
  4.       Remaining battery life is displayed in percentage.
  5.       Battery Capacity, Temperature and Usage Time appears on the screen.
  6.       Tap on Battery Profile to create a customized profile based on different battery consuming parameters or choose between Default and Battery Saver mode.
  7.       You battery is successfully optimized.
Falcon Mobi Cleaner is possibly the best battery saver app that protect your phone against excess battery consumption and poor charging. Download to app to unleash its advanced technology.  

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