Best Booster Cleaner App 2018 – SpeedUp Android

Android smartphones get slower with time. It tends to get bogged down and drain battery too quickly. It is not just a matter of when it gets older, your device will also become sluggish if you try to overload its storage or if you’re running too many apps at the same time. With powerful improvements in the field of android technology, the Play Store has been flooded with numerous applications and developments only to take care of your phone performance. This being the good news for android users, the downside is that just a handful of these apps actually work. And those that work allows users to optimize performance and get the most out of their smartphones within a few minutes. From boosting the speed of your phone, to saving battery to releasing RAM memory, these booster cleaner apps cover it all.

What does Falcon Mobi Cleaner - Booster Cleaner do?

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is one of the most downloaded junk cleaner and phone booster app available on the Play Store. With user-friendly and modern interface, this popular choice can speedup android’s performance to as good as new.   Must Read: Fast Charging App 2018 | Battery Saver – Falcon Mobi Cleaner The app doubles as cleaner and booster for your smartphone to detect and kill heavy background processes before it can crash your device. You can manage your applications, clean junk files and manage your privacy in addition to battery saving. Falcon Mobi Cleaner works on a unique algorithm to give you accurate assessment of your device. If you want to reclaim storage space on your Android phone which is otherwise cluttered with junk files, this cleaner and phone booster app is your ideal pick. Get it from the Play Store today!

Features of this SpeedUp Android

  •         Users can monitor background processes and customize settings for better performance.
  •         It is a one-tap application that clean, protect and optimize your dying smartphone.
  •         It cleans junk files and stops unresponsive task to accelerate speed.
  •         With secure charging, the app can slow down power consumption and extend battery life.
  •         Users can monitor battery temperature and prevent your device from overheating.
  •         The app customizes parameters like GPS, Brightness and Wi-Fi so that lesser power is consumed.
  •         It identifies duplicate images and let you delete them to free space.
  •         This lightweight app analyzes and scans infected files to fix them.
  •         It releases RAM memory and boost game by up to 50-60%.
  •         The phone booster can boost your device without the need for root permission.
  •         There are no deceptive animations on the app which add up to its processing speed.
  •         One-tap boost for instant acceleration of gaming speed.

Features of Junk Cleaner App

  •         Users are offered an easy-to-use interface where they can clean residual files by cluttered by uninstalled apps.
  •         The app scans and deletes unnecessary junk files, app caches, system caches, temporary files, apk files and empty folders from your phone.
  •         This free, lightweight application offers safe cleanup.
  •         It stops heavy unresponsive tasks running on the background while gaming to boost your experience.
  •         By RAM memory, it can boost your phone speed and control overheating abnormalities.
  •         The app offers secure browsing. In the mode, it does not save your browsing history, cookies or search history.
  •         It can delete cache files generated while uninstalling an app to further boost your device performance.
  •         It scans social media files and allows you to delete unwanted data in a matter of seconds.
  •         It analyses and identifies duplicate and blurry images and provide users option to delete them without any fuss.
  •         The application’s smart algorithm help uninstall idle apps and also keep a backup of apk files for future installation.
With an ultrafast scanning engine, Falcon Mobi Cleaner is the best combination of junk cleaner and phone booster application available on the Play Store. The app is compatible with all Android devices. Get to app to get the most out of your smartphone! Related: Best App Cleaner 2018 for Android Phone    

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