Best CPU Cooler App 2018 for Android Phone

CPU Cooler is the solution to your frequently overheating android device. But why does your phone overheat itself in the first place. The answer is you might be having too many apps running on your smartphone that take up a lot of its resources. The battery drains out quickly and all that remains is a slow lagging smartphone with bugs and crashes. You need to cool down your Android device to eliminate such lags. Getting the best CPU cooler app from the play store will scan your device for apps causing it to overheat and disable them.
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Using an efficient CPU cooling app will speed up your overall device and help it run more efficiently at an optimal temperature. A CPU Cooler App control the extra usage of those applications that have been producing unnecessary heat to make your phone slow. And in return it improves your experience while gaming, streaming videos or using the phone in general.

CPU Cooler for free Download - Falcon Mobi Cleaner

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is one of the most popular apps you will find on Google Play in this category. The application is definitely a must for every Android device. It monitors and controls your phone temperature. It displays how hot your phone is in real time. It gives you the RAM percentage on the launch screen and displays the current temperature along with the CPU usage percentage.

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CPU Cooler will stop all applications causing your device to overheat and decrease the temperature of your phone. Furthermore, it freezes the background running applications to offer the most ideal condition. Simple, effective, ads-free and feature rich uses very minimal battery power and system resources. Keep your CPU and battery in top shape with this phone cooler app for android.

Features of Android CPU Cooler

  •         The application has a one tap functionality that makes it very easy to operate.
  •         With dynamic overheating checking, it offers real time temperature monitoring.
  •         It analyses the root of heavy CPU usage and detects the apps that have been causing overheating.
  •         It disables high power consuming apps running on the background.
  •         It clears cache memory and deletes all residue files to optimize your device’s speed.
  •         The CPU cooler is a lightweight tool that will monitor your phone in real time.  
  •         Its smart cooling algorithm offers the best possible gaming experience.
  •         You get a better performance durability through extended battery life.
  •         Multi-tasking becomes easier and faster with reduced CPU usage.
  •         It will also send you an alert notification whenever your phone requires cooling.

Download Best CPU Cooler from the Play Store

  •         Go to Google Play Store and download Falcon Mobi Cleaner.
  •         Install the application to your device.
  •         Tap on Falcon Mobi Cleaner icon to launch the app.
  •         Go to Tools on the lower right corner of the launch screen.
  •         Select CPU Cooler from the list of Tools & Care.
  •         It will track real time temperature of your device and display CPU usage in percentage.
  •         The app will detect the cause of overheating and optimize it.
Falcon Mobi Cleaner is your perfect temperature monitoring and overheating prevention CPU cooler app. Download it for free today!

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