Best Duplicate Photo Cleaner 2018 for Android Phones

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a duplicate photo cleaner app that identifies and removes similar photos cluttering your smartphone. It scans your device for duplicate and similar looking photos so that you do not have to swipe through hundreds of photos manually to clean them. This captivating duplicate photo finder works on a single tap. It recovers storage space occupied by such photos while at the same time also saves a copy of the originals for future temptations to store them back. Duplicate photo remover is the perfect fit to organize your photo gallery in one go.

Key features of the Duplicate Photo Finder App

  •         It finds exact duplicate images, cleans gallery and organize photos for you.
  •         The app auto identifies blurry shots, poor quality, less light, hazy shots etc. as unwanted photos.
  •         Duplicate photo finder allows you to customize your scan. You can select the folder location or the type of files you wish to organize.
  •         Its intuitive UI makes it surprisingly easier for users to understand the app functionality.
  •         The app uses fast algorithm to find out duplicate images. It also displays detailed information of the photos.
  •         You can customize the degree of duplicity. The higher the matching level of the photos, the lesser duplicates will be sorted.
  •         Duplicate photo cleaner learns what you like to keep or remove and sorts your gallery accordingly to match your requirements.
  •         The app has the ability to identify if an image is modified or original so that it can save the best photos for you.

How to use duplicate photo finder?

Removing duplicates are a few taps away!

  1.       Go to Google Play Store and download Falcon Mobi Cleaner.
  2.       Trace the Falcon Mobi Cleaner on your smartphone and open the application.
  3.       Tap ‘Duplicate Photos’ on the app. It displays the number of images and storage space used.
  4.       Select the type of scan either from photos clicked with your device, all photos stored in your device or from specific areas.
  5.       You can customize the matching level, time interval between clicks or scan according to GPS location for duplicates.
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