Best Phone Cooler App 2018 for Android Phones

Overheating is one of the most common problem faced by android users. As smartphones are getting more advanced with increased battery life and compact size, too much heat is also being generated at the same time. Hence, it gets tad too hard to release the heat properly. Too many apps running in the background, surrounding temperature of the phone, very less free space are other serious factors that has been causing your battery to drain out quickly. The solution is to get yourself a phone cooler app that identifies background tasks using high power and kill them. With its simplest UI, Falcon Mobi Cleaner happens to be undoubtedly the best phone cooler app you’ll find on Google Play. The application monitors and controls your phone temperature in real time. Furthermore, other than using minimal battery power, it also displays the current temperature along with the percentage of CPU usage.

Features of the Phone cooler master :

  •         It analyzes CPU usage and disables overheating apps running in the background.
  •         This lightweight CPU cooler monitors device temperature in real-time.
  •         It uses smart cooling algorithm for better gaming and device performance.
  •         It cools your phone with a simple click by reducing CPU usage.
  •         The phone cooler app extends your battery life with better performance durability.
  •         It offers one-tap feature to reduce CPU usage and optimize its speed during multitasking.
  •         It frees up RAM by stopping background running apps.
  •         It notifies when your phone requires cooling.

How to use the Phone Cooler App?

Track real-time temperature of your phone and give it an overall performance boost.
  •         Open Google Play Store in your android smartphone.
  •         Download the latest version of Falcon Mobi Cleaner. Install it to your device.
  •         Tap on the Falcon Mobi Cleaner icon on your home screen.
  •         As the application is launched, tap on ‘Tools’ from the lower right corner of the screen.
  •         From the list of Tools & Care, select ‘CPU Cooler’.
  •         The app will start to analyze the CPU temperature of your device and optimize it.
  •         It will display the percentage of CPU usage and real-time temperature of your phone.
Falcon Mobi Cleaner performs real-time monitoring of apps that have been weighing down your CPU. Download this phone cooler for free and watch your phone cool down in seconds!  

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