Falcon Mobi Cleaner- Junk Cleaner, Booster & CPU Cooler

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is an Android cleaning app to clean your Android device effectively and smoothly. It cleans all the useless files present on your device and boosts your device’s overall performance. It is a complete cleaner for your Android device. Falcon Mobi Cleaner has been developed by experts to keep your device running like a new one. It is the best way to clean and optimize your phone. The latest version of this phone cleaner app is equipped with attractive features making it one of the best Android cleaning apps.This cleaning app is equipped with several attractive and cool features which can highly optimize your device in seconds!

The key features of Falcon Mobi Cleaner are explained below:

Junk Cleaner

With the prolonged use of an Android device, it becomes cluttered with hundreds of junk files. These files are created by the applications installed on the device. If the junk files are not cleaned regularly, it can hamper your device performance. Various junk files such as temp files, system cache, app cache, empty folders, APKs, etc. are created on your device. These files consume a lot of storage space on your device and impact its performance. To ensure regular and smooth working of your device, you need to get rid of these junk files. With a junk cleaner, you can easily remove these files and recover a high amount of storage space.

Phone Booster

Whenever you use your device, there are several applications running in the background. You can’t see the applications running as they are working in the background. Even if you don’t use an app, it could be running and consuming your device’s RAM. Whenever you open an app, it starts working and doesn’t stops even when you close it. This hampers your device performance and slows it down. Therefore, you need a solution to speed up your phone. Here’s where Phone Booster could be really helpful. When you use Phone Booster feature, all the background processes are killed and more space is created in your device’s RAM. With this feature, you can boost and speed up your device to such an extent that it works like a new one. The Phone Booster speeds up your device and boosts its performance. Free up your device’s RAM and make space for new apps using the phone booster. CPU Cooler When you use your device regularly, it gets highly heated up. To control your device temperature, you need to have a technique. CPU Cooler is a great way to lower down the temperature of your device CPU. A CPU Cooler uses standard temperature controlling & monitoring technique which easily detects and terminates the processes that are heavy on resources. This, in turn, reduces the CPU usage and lowers the device temperature. Use the CPU Cooler to cool down your device whenever it gets heated up. Falcon Mobi Cleaner offers several additional features such as Game SpeedUp to boost your games, Antivirus to keep you protected, Secure Browsing to let you browse safely, Duplicate Cleaner to delete duplicate photos, etc. There are many other terrific features included in this app. Falcon Mobi Cleaner is really a complete package for your Android device.  

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