How can I clean junk Files from my Android phone?

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Android users.

What are Junk Files?

Answer: Junk files are created while running programs or installing various applications on your Android device. These are temporary files such as cache, residual files or empty files that are left behind after a process is completed.
Even though they are useless, accumulation of junk files over time can make your device slow and sluggish. It may not perform as it is supposed to even with the best hardware configuration. And not only it will affect the performance of your device, it will also consume high storage space.
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What do junk files do?

Answer: Mostly junk files are unnecessary data piling up your device storage and degrading its performance. These files make your device slow or sluggish even if is equipped with the best hardware configuration. Hence, removing them is quite essential. Though it does not cause any damage to your Android device, it considerably affects its performance and consumes a lot of internal storage space which could have been used otherwise… more productively.

Do I need to be careful while deleting junk files?

Answer: The answer is yes! You need to be extra careful while removing junk files from your Android device. Pay special attention to what is needed and what is not. If you are using a junk cleaner app for Android, make sure to review your files before deleting them. Some cleaners consider large video files as junk files and asks you to delete them. You need to review such files before deleting them.

How can I clean cache files manually?

Answer: Even if you have large storage space on your device, your Android smartphone is deemed to slow down or run out of storage space. The reason? Hidden junk files that have been piling up on your device.

Here’s how you can take care of your cache data from your device’s Settings menu.

  •         Go to Settings menu on your device. Tap on Apps and look for All tab. Navigate the app that has been consuming too much space.
  •         Select it and tap on Clear Cache. For Android 6.0 Marshmallow users, click on Storage and then Clear Cache.
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  •         Go to Settings menu on your device.
  •         Look for Storage, tap on it and then click on Cache Data or Saved Data. You shall be asked for a confirmation whether you want to delete everything stored within the caches.
  •         Tap on Confirm and you are done.

How do I remove junk files quickly and easily from my phone?

Answer: For a quicker clean up, getting the best junk cleaner app off the Play Store will do the trick. An Android cleaner app automatically detects and removes junk files and other residue files in a few simple clicks. Also, you need not worry about having to sort between useful files and useless junk files which you otherwise had to do while taking care of it manually. Also Read: Best RAM Cleaner App 2018 for Android Phone
 Which is the best Junk Cleaner for Android?
Answer: With thousands of happy and satisfied users on the Play Store, Falcon Mobi Cleaner is the lightest and smartest junk cleaner for Android available out there. The application offers quick cleaning for all junk files, residue files, cache, and empty folders. You can optimize and boost your phone with a single tap. Additionally, the app comes equipped with phone booster, battery saver, duplicate photos cleaner, app manager and antivirus scan to protect your device at all times. Recommended: Free Adware Removal Tool For Your Personal Computer

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