Fast Charging App 2018 | Battery Saver – Falcon Mobi Cleaner

We all need a fast charging app. While smartphones are getting considerably advanced, battery life is one of areas that require frequent improvement. Daily battery usage being the main issue. If it sounds like your Android experience is at stake, battery saver app does a lot to improve the battery life of your smartphone.

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Best App Cleaner 2018 for Android Phone

Staying digitally organized is the call of the hour. Almost all android devices run several hidden processes in the background where instant user access is not always possible. These processes make the device sluggish. They eat up your valuable memory space.

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Best Phone Cooler App 2018 for Android Phones

Overheating is one of the most common problem faced by android users. As smartphones are getting more advanced with increased battery life and compact size, too much heat is also being generated at the same time. Hence, it gets tad too hard to release the heat properly.

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Best Android Booster App 2018 – Falcon Mobi Cleaner

If you have been experiencing low memory notifications while trying to download an app even though you have enough space or your phone has been draining faster than usual or is freezing more than ever, installing an android booster is what that will do the trick.

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Best Duplicate Photo Cleaner 2018 for Android Phones

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a duplicate photo cleaner app that identifies and removes similar photos cluttering your smartphone. It scans your device for duplicate and similar looking photos so that you do not have to swipe through hundreds of photos manually to clean them. This captivating duplicate photo finder works on a single tap. It recovers storage space occupied by such photos while at the same time also saves a copy of the originals for future temptations to store them back. Duplicate photo remover is the perfect fit to organize your photo gallery in one go.

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Best Game Booster App 2018 for Android Phones

All gamers experience the problem of game lag. But won’t it make our lives much easier if we could fix it with just a few taps on our device? Falcon Mobi Cleaner is one such advantage that allows you to play Android games as if you would on a gaming booth. This game booster app boosts up slow, lagging games by killing high RAM consuming apps on the background. It releases extra memory and increases performance durability. Download Falcon Mobi Cleaner to get the best game speedup experience!

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Best Battery Saver App 2018 for Android Phones

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is an efficiently developed battery doctor app for your Android device. It offers the best power settings to save your battery from running out prematurely. The battery saver app lets you handpick high power consuming parameters like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Vibration, Brightness, GPS etc. and turn them off at your convenience. It comes with a unique inbuilt power to detect heavy applications that run on the background and closes them to reduce CPU usage. Install Falcon Mobi Cleaner for a professional and smoother user experience.

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