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Best Phone Booster App To Speed Up Your Android Phone

It is important that you get the most out of your smartphone. And an Android phone booster perfectly fits into this picture. The best ones out there comes packed with performance enhancing features that run optimization or maintenance in a single click.

As says the name itself, a booster cleaner frees up unwanted storage by clearly preventing untimely shutdowns and in the process speeds up healthy operations.

There are plenty of Android apps available for every kind of maintenan  ce task, be it killing background data, cache-cleaning, boosting, increasing processor speed… you name it, and you’ll find it!

But, won’t it make better sense if you could stumble upon an all-in-one booster for Android that makes maintenance quite easy?

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How to fix a slow phone?


Your phone gets slow when it is running low on space. Hence, keep on checking how much space you have left from the setting of your phone from time to time.

Search for applications you can do without uninstall those. Clearing up cached data also speed up operations. Avoid unnecessary widgets on your home screen and disable animations.

Close down apps you are not working on to make multitasking smoother. Ultimately, you may give your phone a fresh start with factory resetting. Factory reset takes back your phone to the condition it was in when it was new.

For an easy way out, you may also download phone booster apps like that is designed to keep your device running as good as new. It offers various tools for better optimization through junk cleaning and other modules such as phone boosting, game boosting, battery saving, app management etc.

What does a Phone Booster Do?


The best phone booster for android cleans your device in just a few steps. It scans for different file types and locations that can be deleted without causing any problem. It frees up space on your phone by deleting data from apps without losing any of your app settings.

Phone booster like Falcon Mobi Cleaner, speed up your phone by using smart algorithm to release empty folders and cached files without losing any data. Best of all, it does it without overloading you with unnecessary animations that takes you off track.

It is a powerful tool in de-duping your phone. It check duplicate file sizes to ensure they are indeed duplicates and offers your preview before deleting them. You’ll also get access to customized features that lets you automatically run various tasks and save RAM space.

As an android booster, Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a one stop solution that sports memory-saving tool to free up phone storage. The app manager allows users to backup APKs and uninstall apps all at once. It also includes extras like CPU cooler, battery saver, game booster and duplicate photo cleaner.

Why do smartphones require phone booster?


All smartphones get slow with time. Phone boosters take care of lagging phone and get to the root of what is slowing in down in the first place. They remove junk files and other unnecessary files instantly.

A boost cleaner offers instant recovery of your precious storage space. This cleans your device and boost its speed. Apart from cleaning redundant apps and residual files, it also helps you clean your RAM for faster performance.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is one of easiest, safest and most accurate booster app for android enough to clean your device from all unnecessary files instantly. Available for free on the play store, you may use this app to declutter and organize your storage space effectively.

Why do you need a phone booster app?


Did you know all android comes equipped with memory management functionalities introduced as part of their core process? It takes care of processes running on the background.

But there’s an exemption…

The cache memory is not included. The reason being since cache can actually make repetitive tasks work faster, it is being exempted.

But, for users who does not frequently engage in repetitive tasks, unnecessary cache memory gets cluttered up slowing down new applications and the device in general.

If you have been using your phone for longer durations without having it rebooted, you need to download best android phone booster to regain faster response time of your device.

A phone speed booster kills apps that are using too much CPU and draining your battery.

It gets you more storage space by removing files that aren’t being used anymore. It also detects and uninstalls unnecessary applications.

Which is the best phone booster?


Falcon Mobi Cleaner is one of the best phone booster app for android available out there. Recommended by thousands of satisfied users on the play store, the application is the perfect tool to help you clean and optimize your device.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a multipurpose speed booster that let you empty out your application cache, download folders, browser history and other temporary files. It also comes with an app manager, battery saver, game booster, duplicate photo cleaner among others.

Users can backup and restore apps, app data and apk files. The android cleaner is a great way to free up internal storage space. Other tools are also solid extras.

The app tells you about CPU usage while also monitoring about other system services on your smartphone. It lets you sort through your installed apps and filter the ones you wish to uninstall. Antivirus provides reliable protection against malware threats.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner controls the behavior of your apps only to make sure that your battery lasts as long as possible. You can launch the app whenever you want to see what’s running in the background and any other potential battery drains.

How to boost your phone with Falcon Mobi Cleaner?


Recommended by thousands of dedicated users on the play store, Falcon Mobi Cleaner happens to be one of the Best speed booster app for Android Phones 2018.

The phone booster is an all-inclusive application that offers numerous tools to manage your Android. It cleans all your caches and temporary data, block startup apps, backup and restore applications and manage files without manual interruption.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner monitors various device processes and lets you change hardware setting for better speed and performance.

Compatible with all of the Android versions, it can easily detect applications that has been clogging up system resources and causing your device to hang or crash.

What are the features of this Android booster?


The boost app features several maintenance tools such as:

Junk Cleaner

Falcon Junk Cleaner

Junk cleaning is good for your phone. This boost cleaner feature is designed to get the best cleaning experience out of your phone.

Features include:

  •         Scans and removes all junk files, app caches, system caches, temp files, APK files and empty folders from your device.
  •         One-tap instant cleanup of large unwanted files to free unnecessary memory space.
  •         Cleans cache system files left behind by uninstalled apps.
  •         Mutes useless notifications for faster and efficient process.
  •         Uninstalls applications that are of no use anymore to accelerate system speed.

Phone Booster


Phone booster scrutinizes your device and lets you adjust your setting accordingly. It offers the easiest way to uninstall unwanted files and empty folders.

Features include:

  •         Stops annoying auto starting apps that has been prematurely draining your battery.
  •         One-touch speed diagnosis to accelerate device functioning.
  •         Manages all apps for organized storage space.
  •         Stops unresponsive tasks running in the background for smoother game play.
  •         Prevents frequent freezing and untimely phone lag.

Game Booster

Game Booster

A useful and customizable game booster app perfect to boost your gaming experience. It provides the most speed for maximized performance.

Features include:

  •         Plays your favorite games much efficiently and faster than before.
  •         Stops high RAM consuming apps to free memory space.
  •         Releases extra memory to increase performance durability.
  •         Optimizes speed by 50-60% for better gaming.
  •         Prioritizes your game to yield more CPU power while playing multiplayer games.

Social Cleaner

Social Cleaning

Social cleaning features a bunch of optimization tools to offer you the best social media experience. You get more responsive controls and hence better performance out of your smartphone.

Features include:

  •         Scans all media files and clear unnecessary cache data.
  •         Provides extended storage space for better performance.
  •         Reclaims storage space on your Android device.
  •         Single tap management of unnecessary files.
  •         Solves hanging phone problem by optimizing RAM.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo Cleaner App

Another captivating phone booster tool to recover storage space occupied by duplicate photos. The best tool to organize your photo gallery within seconds.

Features include:

  •         Auto identifies poor quality images and blurry shots as unwanted photos.
  •         Uses smart algorithm to detect duplicate images and deletes them.
  •         Users can customize by setting the degree of duplicity.
  •         Displays detailed information of photos before deleting.
  •         Identifies if an image is modified or original

App Manager

Falcon App Manager App

App Manager keeps all apps in check and help avoid memory shortages in times of need. Falcon Mobi Cleaner help you backup your apps including data and everything else which comes with it.

Features include:

  •         Displays detailed information about each application before deleting.
  •         Uninstall applications you do not need anymore.
  •         Backup apk files for possibilities of future restore.
  •         List all available application under a single tab.

How to use the Falcon Mobi Cleaner app?


Compatible with majority of Android devices, Falcon Mobi Cleaner is available for free at the Google Play Store. To get this phone booster started you need to download, install, and run the app on your smartphone.

The home screen comes integrated with features like Junk Cleaner, Phone Boost, Social Cleaning, Battery Saver, Duplicate Photos and App Manager.

Tap the Phone Boost button to start optimization. The application will scan for junk files and unwanted processes and delete them to boost your phone successfully. The app frees up chunks of storage space and you get a visibly improved performance.

All other sections also offers the best UI. There is a quick overview of available RAM, real time battery temperature and storage space.

How do I boost the RAM of my smartphone?


Your RAM requires an appropriate boost from time to time. There are a few things you can do on your own to boost the RAM of your smartphone.

Limit the number of widgets and live wallpapers on your phone. It takes up a lot of RAM and causes your battery to drain faster.

Disable applications that are not being used. Manually you can go to Settings -> Application Manager -> All tab to find the list of all the applications currently running on your device. Tap on the application you want to stop. Disable to confirm.

Animations does not make much sense and steal a lot more than you can imagine. Luckily, you can manage it from the developer options. Go to Settings -> About Phone. Tap on the build number a number of times until a notification pops out that you are now a developer. Turn off animation for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale respectively.

Download Falcon Mobi Cleaner to boost your RAM performance. It is extremely easy and works with a simple tap. The RAM Cleaner clean up cache, manage RAM and let you uninstall unnecessary programs to optimize your android device.

Is Falcon Mobi Cleaner really useful?


Falcon Mobi Cleaner happens to be one of the best lightweight phone cleaner application available on the play store. It takes care of all junk files stored in your android device. The app comes integrated with features like Junk Cleaner, Phone Boost, Battery Saver, Antivirus, Duplicate Photos and App Manager – all simplified as one-stop solution to improve overall speed of your phone.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a multifunctional app that occupies only a few megabytes of your disc space. And yet is perfect at what it does. It does a lot to improve your phone’s performance and battery life. Effective and trusted!

Download The Best Phone Booster App Now.