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Phone Cleaner App - Clean Up Your Android Device

Is your phone running surprisingly slow? Is it taking longer than ever to open its application? Yes???   Well, this is not a very good sign. And if you do not act fast, your phone may be damaged beyond repair. Luckily (solved)… There is something you can do about it and here’s how. A Phone Cleaner App (Advanced Phone  Cleaner – Recommended!) is what you need to make your phone get back to normal. Falcon Super Cleaner happens to be one of the best (proven) Phone Cleaner app for your Android smartphone that is available for free download on the Google Play Store.   It is a small, fast and efficient phone cleaner featuring a junk cleaner, phone booster and an Antivirus among others. Let’s discuss in details how Falcon Super Cleaner works, why it is effective and why you should get one for your Android phone.

How does Phone Cleaner App Work - Falon Super Cleaner?

Falcon Super Cleaner is a fast and powerful cleaner for android that deletes cache, unwanted files, frees up storage and boosts RAM in the process. Just one tap and you can get your lagging smartphone fully optimized. Falcon Super Cleaner does not cost a penny while downloading. This Phone Cleaner application has a user-friendly design with advanced cleaning properties. All you need to do is install the app and simply run the scanning process. The app works by deleting app cache, system caches, residual files, junk files, programs you haven’t use for a long time and big redundant files. More than a cleaner, it also comes with a phone booster function that displays all apps running on the background and offer you with the option to close/ kill them to accelerate the responsiveness of your Android smartphone.  

Highlights of Falcon Junk Cleaner - Phone Cleaner App

  •         The Android junk cleaner offers a one-tap cleaner function to free up storage space by removing old junk files, residual file, cache data, empty folders and more.
  •         The Phone Cleaner also kills running tasks and releases RAM memory to boost device performance and save battery life.
  •         Cleaning reduces system burden by offering smoother operation and faster performance.
  •         The Android cleaner analyzes and scans all media files and offers options to delete data that requires cleaning.
  •         Falcon Super Cleaner detects least important cache data building up on social media that has been cluttering your phone.
  •         This Phone Cleaner also comes with a duplicate photo cleaner module. As the name suggests, it offers the easiest way to scan and delete duplicate and similar looking photos cluttering your phone space.
  •         It auto-marks blurry and hazy shots and provides options to delete them as well. You can also set preference based on the degree of duplicity.

Why should you download Falcon Super Cleaner?

With Falcon Super Cleaner, you don’t just get a phone cleaner but an all-in-one Android optimizer that includes a duplicate photo cleaner, social media cleaner, battery saver, CPU cooler, Antivirus for Android, game booster, app manager and a phone booster among others. From improving charging speed, preventing overheating to protecting privacy, it comes with everything that your Android needs. This multipurpose Android cleaner brings you a much faster, smarter and best performance on your Android device. The app uses auto- boosting and cleaning to guard your phone against junk files and make it run without glitches. Falcon Super Cleaner also runs scanning for malicious files in real-time so that your device is malware free and remains protected at all times. It keeps a check on applications that cause your phone to hang or crash and prevents them from launching or running on the background.

Download Phone Cleaner App Now

How to download and Run Falcon Super Cleaner - Phone Cleaner App?

Convinced? Yes! Now let’s get one for yourself. Here’s how you can install the app: Go to Google Play Store on your Android smart phone. Download the latest version of Falcon Super Cleaner. Install and run the Phone Cleaner on your device. Tapping on the application icon will launch the app on your phone. The home screen has 6 modules:
  •         Junk Cleaner to analyze storage space and remove junk files.
  •         Phone Booster to detect heavy task running on the background and kill them to boost performance.
  •         Battery Saver to turn off high power consuming parameters like wifi, Bluetooth, GPS etc. when not in use.
  •         Duplicate Photo Cleaner to detect and delete similar looking and duplicate photos instantly.
  •         Social Media Cleaner to delete cache files created by social media. It also cleans large unwanted files sent and received through social media.
  •         Antivirus to scan for virus and malware threats and protect your device in real time.
  Apart for these six modules, other features include:
  •         App Manager to uninstall unnecessary apps cluttering your phone.
  •         CPU Cooler to prevent overheating and save battery power.
  •         Game Booster to release RAM memory and boost up gaming experience.
  Falcon Super Cleaner is a multi-featured Phone Cleaner app that takes away all your phone freezing woos. It is your best choice for cleaning and boosting your Android device to bring out its maximum performance. Expose your phone to the world of creativity, advanced algorithms, smart techniques and keep it free from junk with Falcon Super Cleaner. Download the app now!
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