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Is your Android phone abruptly slowing down? What could have probably gone wrong? You must have told that routine maintenance is not an obligation in Android because it cleans after itself (at least the high-end ones do). Then why have you been struggling with lagging speed of your Android device? Well, we have your answer! Cache files pile up over time that takes up a lot of space. And it’s time, you clear such files with the best cache cleaner (Falcon Super Cleaner) available out there.

What are cache files and how can you delete them?

  Cache data are temporary files stored on your Android phone while visiting a website, browser or using an app so that your device need not download them every single time. These data are information that helps your device load the same website, browser or app faster during subsequent visits.   Let’s help you narrow it down. For example, when you visit a webpage, your browser will store frequently requested data as cache files. The next time, when you decide to return back to that page, your browser will simply retrieve these files from the stored cache and accelerate the entire process for faster access.   Even though these files are pretty harmless, they can make your device slow over time (if not cleaned).   Now, how do you delete these cache files?   Well, there are cache cleaners for that. A cache cleaner is a phone cleaner app for cleaning your Android phone’s system and application cache, residual files, junk files as well as temp data.  
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Which is the Best Phone Cleaner & Cache Cleaner for Android?

This goes without saying that Falcon Super Cleaner is one of the best speed booster and phone cleaner available in the Google Play Store today.   With one-tap cleaning and speed boost, the application cannot get simpler. All you need to do is download Falcon Super Cleaner (FREE), tap on the widget on your phone, and you are good to go. Falcon Super Cleaner comes with a phone cleaner that effectively works on junk app data, cache files, residual files, empty folders and even personal data like duplicate and similar looking photos, junk media files and more.   There is a fast speed booster that terminates heavy apps running in the background and a battery saver that takes care of extending the battery life of your Android phone. The app manager allows users to backup APK files and uninstall unwanted apps.  

Key Highlights of Falcon Super Cleaner – Fast Speed Booster

  • This phone cleaner app also improves battery backup by hibernating heaving power consuming applications. It also intelligently controls parameters like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, etc. to extend battery power.
  • The speed booster app allows user to boost system memory by cleaning up apps running in the background and increase performance speed of your Android device.
  • Falcon Super Cleaner is a powerful lightweight app. It has a utility to fix your phone’s heating problem with its CPU cooler.
  • Its cache cleaner cleans application cache and system cache to keep your RAM free positively affecting the overall speed of your lagging phone.
  • This fast speed booster also features a game booster tool which ensures better gaming along with no-lag performance while at it. It frees up RAM that is not being used.
  • Falcon Super Cleaner will keep your phone virus-free. Its antivirus module is designed to protect your Android devices against viruses, unsafe apps, and other potential risks.
  • There is a duplicate photo cleaner that churns out similar-looking and duplicate photos on your device so that more space is released. The social cleaner deletes social junks.
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How to install Falcon Super Cleaner - Phone Cleaner & Cache Cleaner to your device?

Falcon Super Cleaner does a lot of things for users. It cleans junk files, frees space, saves battery life, cools down battery temperature, is an antivirus, a game booster, and an app manager among others. Installing the app is very simple. Here are the basic steps that will help you enjoy the best phone cleaner app available on the play store. Step 1: Go to Google Play Store Step 2: Search Falcon Super Cleaner on the search bar. Step 3: Download and install Falcon Super Cleaner on your Android device. Step 4: Tap on the application icon to launch the phone cleaner. Step 5: As you launch the app, you will be able to navigate all its modules from the home screen
  • Cache cleaner for smart residual cache cleaning.
  • One tap speed booster for advanced RAM cleaning.
  • Battery Saver for power boosting and battery life extension.
  • Duplicate photos cleaner for deleting duplicate images.
  • Social cleaner for cleaner social media related junk files.
  • Antivirus for free virus scanning and cleaning.
  • CPU cooler for overheated CPU monitoring.
  • Game booster for boosting gaming potential of your phone.
Download Phone Cleaner & Cache Cleaner – Fast Speed Booster
Falcon Super Cleaner is one of the best phone cleaner and cache cleaner for your android device. And most interestingly, it is available for free download on the Google Play. This fast speed booster can boost speed for you. Download the app now!    

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