Top 10 Free Battery Saver Apps For Android In 2017

A Battery Saver app is the best way to increase your Android device’s battery life. If you face battery issues in your phone, then you should definitely install a battery saver app. There are many battery saver apps available in the market. Here, we are listing the top 10 battery saver apps for your Android device:
  1.    Falcon Mobi Cleaner - Battery Saver & Phone Booster

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is the best battery saver app for your Android device. It is a completely free app and lets you extend your device’s battery to an unexceptional level. Battery Saver is a key feature of this app which let you manage your device’s battery as per your needs. It consists of two default battery profiles which you can set as per your remaining battery power. This lets you save your battery to the maximum extent possible. It also lets you create your own battery profiles. Here, you can enable/disable battery consuming parameters such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Brightness, etc. to manage your device battery. Falcon Mobi Cleaner gives you accurate estimates of how much time you have left on your battery. It notifies you whenever you have high battery consuming apps running in the background. It consists of a Battery Saver mode which disables Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. when your battery is about to die. This let you keep your battery working for a longer time. You can also use customized settings to improve the overall battery life of your device. Get the app from here. Must Read: Top 10 Game Booster Apps For Android
  1.    DU Battery Saver - Battery Charger & Battery Life

DU Battery Saver is a free battery saving app for your Android device to enhance its battery life. It is the simplest and easiest way to protect your device against slow charging, battery consuming apps and ignored device settings that can shorten your device’s battery life. It reminds the user about high power consumption apps. Various features of DU Battery Saver include smart pre-set battery power management modes, one-touch controls and healthy battery charger. Optimize your device in a single click and solve all your battery problems with DU Battery Saver. With DU Battery, you can:
  •         Instantly find and fix all the battery consuming issues.
  •         Choose or customize a mode that fits your energy usage using the Smart Pre-set Modes.
  •         Monitor all apps that drain battery when not in use.
  •         Extend battery power by using 1-tap saving.
  •         Monitor the power consumption of all running-apps.
  •         Set power saving modes.
  •         Find charge status in real time and accurately estimate remaining charge time using Smart Charge. Get the app from here.
  1.    Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)
Battery Doctor is a free battery saver app which lets you extend the battery life of your device by up to 50%. It does so by finding application and device settings that drain power. It provides you with detailed battery information and uses a unique 3 Stage Charging System to keep your device battery in good condition. Get an incredible power boosting experience with Battery Doctor and never worry about your draining battery again. Use Battery Doctor to:
  •         Adjust your power-consumption settings (like Wi-Fi, brightness, etc.) and disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery.
  •         Accurately estimate remaining battery time and remaining charging time.
  •         Discover how long your phone battery will last under various situations (like when playing games, when Wi-Fi is on, etc.)
  •         Ensure that you get the most out of your battery and you don’t overcharge your phone.
  •         Disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery!
  •         Schedule power saving modes for work, sleep, etc. Get the app from here.
  1.    Battery Saver - Fast Charging
Battery Saver is a free app that helps you save battery power on your Android device. It consists of various modes to save your battery life and lets you save your battery power with a single button. Use power-saving modes such as custom mode, super power-saving mode, silent mode, etc. to boost up your power. It shows remaining battery for all your individual tasks like calls, games, reading, music playback, video playback, internet browsing, standby, etc. Find how much power is consumed by an app and save power by uninstalling or force closing apps that are consuming power. Battery Saver includes:
  •         One-touch "Power save" button which lets you clean up the memory and kill unnecessary tasks which are consuming battery power.
  •         Secure charging which gives you regular reminders for battery charging. Get the app from here.
  1.    Avast Battery Saver
Avast Battery Saver lets you extend your battery life by killing apps that you don’t use and by optimizing your device settings. Enhance your battery by terminating apps running in the background. Find how many apps are running in the background and get regular, accurate estimates of how much time is left on your battery with the adaptive energy estimate function of the app. Find out when you will need to charge your phone based on your phone usage. Adaptive Smart Profile lets the app adjust your phone’s settings according to your regular phone usage. With Avast Battery Saver, you can:
  •         Switch between various battery profiles. You can set your battery profiles as Smart, Home, Work, Night, and Emergency as per your requirements.
  •         Get regular alerts to switch to a different profile based on your activity and battery level. Get the app from here.
  1.    Battery Saver 2017
Battery Saver 2017 is the ultimate application that provides the best power settings to save the battery time of your device. Whenever your device’s battery runs down, then just tap the Power Saver option to turn on the power saving mode. Battery Saver 2017-
  •         Helps you to turn off all the extra functions like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, sound and other energy consuming apps on the device.
  •         Notifies you whenever your battery gets low.
  •         Shows the charging status when you plug your device in charging.
  •         Regulates the manner in which your device is charged with a unique 3-Stage Charging system to ensure that you get the most out of your battery.
  •         Reminds you not to over-charge your device.
  •         Shows accurate battery remaining time, charging remaining time and standby time.
  •         Allows you to schedule power saving modes for work, class, sleep, etc.
  •         Displays Battery Health. Get the app from here.
  1.    AC Battery Saver - Power Saver
AC Battery Saver - Power Saver is a free battery saver app for Android phones. It reminds you not to over-charge your device by notifying you. Its special one-tap optimization feature terminates power-consuming apps with a single tap. Extend battery life with deep sleep mode when your phone is not in use with AC Battery Saver - Power Saver. This app consists of features that can monitor and regulate your power consumption. Track your phone remaining charging time and monitor battery consumption by an app. See which system application such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or mobile data consumes the maximum battery power.Get the app from here.
  1.    Power Battery - Battery Life Saver & Health Test
Power Battery is a smart battery saver app that helps you to save battery life to an unexceptional level. Power Battery quickly scans your mobile to check the power consumption of the various apps and settings and effectively saves battery life. It consists of battery saver, smart battery monitor, fast battery charger and several battery modules. This gives you full control over the battery usage and take a good advantage of the limited battery power. Power Battery effectively terminates battery draining apps in the background and improves battery health. It also shows the battery percentage on screen and status bar. With Power Battery, you can:
  •         Easily switch and customize various battery saving modes for different power saving needs.
  •         Accurately estimate remaining battery time. Get the app from here.
  1.    360 Battery - Battery Saver
360 Battery - Battery Saver is a battery saver app which detects which app is eating your battery power and tells you which app should be terminated to save battery. It helps you manage all battery draining apps, stops useless apps and decreases the charging time. Protect your battery at all times with 360 Battery - Battery Saver. Various features of 360 Battery - Battery Saver are:
  •         One-Tap Optimizer: Detects and repairs battery draining problems, understands problem details and optimizes your device comprehensively.
  •         Advanced Saving: Prevents apps from auto-starting secretly to avoid unnoticed battery drains.
  •         Saving Modes: Lets you automatically switch between smart power-saving modes and custom modes to improve performance and save battery.
  •         Battery Temperature Monitoring - Calculates stand-by time according to the current status of your device and battery.
  •         Smart Power Saving- Intelligently selects power-saving operations according to various usage scenarios and retains your battery power to the maximum time.
  •         Healthy Charge- Ensures battery stays in its best condition all the time. Get the app from here.
  1.   GO Battery Saver & Power Widget
GO Battery Saver & Power Widget is a battery saver which is capable of extending your battery life to a high extent. Main features of this battery saver app include power saving mode, smart saving, toggle control, power testing and many more. With GO Battery Saver & Power Widget, you can:
  •         Accurately estimate battery remaining time.
  •         Improve battery performance.
  •         Find how much battery power will be extended if you disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.
  •         Optimize battery in just one click.
  •         Keep the charging process safe and healthy with charging maintenance. Get the app from here.

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