Top 10 Game Booster Apps For Android Phones

Are you experiencing slow gaming? Does your game hangs or crashes while playing? All you need is a game booster. A game booster speeds up your slow games by clearing up your device RAM. Enhance your gaming experience and play games smoothly using a game booster. There are many game boosters available for Android devices. The top 10 game boosters are listed here: Must Read: Phone Booster- Optimize Your Android Device
  1.   Falcon Mobi Cleaner - Game Booster & Phone Booster

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a splendid game booster for your Android device. It boosts your games and other phone apps so you can use that particular app smoothly and without any lags. This android booster app frees up your device’s RAM by terminating unnecessary processes so as to make space for the new ones. Just launch your game using this app and play it with an increased speed.
  1. Game Booster

  Game Booster optimizes the CPU performance to enhance your gaming experience. Play all your games without any lags using this superb app.
  •         Game Booster speeds up your games with just one touch.
  •         It unleashes the real performance of your Android device.
Get this app here.
  1.   CM GameBooster
CM GameBooster is a great game management and speed boosting utility for Android devices. Fix problems related to slow gaming and insufficient memory in a single tap using this app.
  •         CM GameBooster automatically boosts the game when it is launched.
  •         It solves RAM (memory) related problems when exiting games.
Get this app here.
  1.   Game Booster
Game Booster boosts your games and other apps by freeing up your phone memory. Key Features:
  •         Automatically finds games out of the various apps present on the device.
  •         Prevents speed lags in slow games.
  •         Solves RAM related issues.
  •         Kills the background processes to boost the selected game.
Get this app here.
  1.   Dr. Booster - Boost Game Speed
Dr. Booster speeds up games on your Android device. It launches your favorite games and powerfully boosts their performance in a single tap. It smartly frees up RAM on your device while you play games to speed up your gaming experience. It you don’t have enough storage space on your mobile, you can easily move Dr. Booster on your SD card. The app is only supported by Android 5.0 and above.Get this app here.
  1.   Game Booster - Speed Up Phone
Game Booster - Speed Up Phone is powerful tool to play your Android games with increased speed. It frees up your phone memory & terminates unnecessary apps to provide the best environment for your game. It consists of ‘Game Mode’ where you can choose any specified environment for your game. Get this app here.
  1.   Game Booster PerforMAX
Game Booster PerforMAX boosts the performance of your games by highly speeding them up. It lets you play your games with less lags and more responsive controls. The app temporarily pauses the unnecessary processes so there are more amount of resources for playing your games. Just launch the game using this app to speed it up. Get this app here.
  1.   Game Booster – Free
Game Booster – Free provides you with the best game experience on your Android device. It does so by solving memory related issues on your device. It closes unnecessary apps or processes on your phone which frees up memory and gives a boosted up environment for playing games. Get this app here.
  1.   Game Booster & Launcher
Game Booster & Launcher can make your games run faster by freeing up memory before launching your games. How to boost a game using Game Booster & Launcher?
  1.      Select the game that you want to boost.
  2.      Tap the game icon to launch it with increased speed.
  3.      Play the boosted game.
Get this app here. 10.   Game Booster : 2X Gaming Speed Game booster 2X Gaming Speed lets you play games without any lags. When you launch a game using this game booster, it reduces the RAM usage of other background apps so your game can have more RAM than usual. Smoothly play games on your Android device using this app. Get this app here.

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